Ketl Internet Consulting Company Information
Our Goal
KETL Internet Consulting was founded in 1997 in response to the new Internet technologies that were quickly arising.  We have focused on designing Internet applications that allow a company's employees and customers to interact more efficiently to achieve the common goal of mutual profitability.

Applications such as online support databases and electronic commerce, powered by the SQL database and HTML servers, allow dynamic, secure and user-friendly experiences. KETL's programmers and consultants have the expertise necessary to leverage these technologies to establish a customized Internet presence that fits the size and scope of your company's products and services.

As we aproach the 21st Century, KETL's goal is to continue to design professional, state-of-the-art Internet applications and help define the World Wide Web as it becomes the new global standard for communication, commerce, entertainment and business around the world.

Our Goal
The key consideration when designing an Internet or intranet site should be your audience. Attention spans and preferred means of information consumption can be quite diverse -- for example, younger audiences like to be visually stimulated, while consumer-based audiences demand efficiency, functionality and speed.

Therefore, our first step when designing your site is to take some time to learn about the needs and interests of both your company and your customers. Before sending a single page, we assess the technological capabilities of your current and potential clients and design your online presence accordingly. If clients are likely to have a slow-speed connection to the Internet, we will avoid unnecessary graphics or offer a text-only viewing option on your homepage, thus guaranteeing quick access for those customers.

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